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A Seasonal Guide to Freshwater Fishing

When the fish are biting, you are not dealing with just the bait you’re using. The time of year and water temperature plays a big role in your success when you’re out on the water. When fishing freshwater areas like a lake, learn how the water temperatures impact different seasons and the best ways to fish these waters.

Spring Turnover

Spring is a popular time to fish because of the dramatic changes in water temperatures. The freezing cold waters from winter begin to warm up and start the process known as spring turnover. During spring turnover, the water will continue to cycle from the depths to the surface to go through the warming process. During these times, you will often find fish near the surface of the water.

These conditions make it easy to fish near the surface without the need for sinkers. Live bait or rubber worms work well in these conditions. The spring plant growth near the shores of water will also create ideal areas to find fish.

Summer Stagnation

Once the Spring Turnover cycle is complete, the surface area of freshwater will become too warm for large groups of fish. They will seek cooler waters a little deeper down. Due to a lack of proper oxygen, the fish will not go all the way down, though. In a deep lake, they will seek out sloped areas. When fishing from shore, try to find an area of shore that slopes down to the water and provides a little more depth. In these areas, you will find the best chances of catching a fish.

If you want the most success while fishing in the summer, consider going early in the morning or around dusk. The water temperatures remain cooler at these points and fish will make their way closer to the surface. If you fish on a boat, then you can fish almost any part of a lake before direct sun hits the surface. If the day is warm, then consider using sinkers that will help your bait go deeper into the water and reach as many fish as possible.

Fall Turnover

As cooler temperatures arrive in the fall, the turnover process begins. The warm waters cool down, mixing with cool waters and creating tough fishing conditions. Winds can impact water temperature and make it harder to catch fish.

The fall turnover process depends on weather patterns, but you may find more success fishing in the middle of the day when the surface levels reach warmer temperatures. The season will typically wind down as it gets closer to winter and result in smaller hauls for your freshwater fishing trips. Ideally, you can find more success when using live bait in these situations and attracting fish with the movements.

Use this guide to help plan your fishing trips. The more research and preparation you do, the more you will realize that fishing is less about luck. You can snag more catches and get better with each trip you take. Be sure to visit our homepage for the best in new & used fishing gear.